Thursday, November 27, 2008

Aiden Hears His Daddy

I remember when teaching Aiden's older siblings to talk, wave bye-bye, dance, etc., we would show them time and time again and before you knew it, they were saying "da-da" or "ba-ba" or bopping their head like we did to the music. All of this happened before they were a year old, or shortly after, and as all parents, it melted our hearts. We expected this to happen and it did.

With a deaf or hard of hearing baby it takes much, much, much more work and consistent repetition of EVERYTHING you do. Consistent repetition just hoping, praying, waiting for the day that they imitate you and associate the sound you make over and over and over again with the experience. EVERY moment becomes a teachable one and repetition is key.

For example, everytime I pick Aiden up, I say to him, "Up, up, up" pitching my voice a little higher with each "up". Everytime I feed Aiden, I use the sounds mmmmm, and ahhhhh, and yum, yum, yum. When I hear daddy call "Aaaaiden", I point to my ear and say, "I hear daddy." and when I am about to talk to Aiden about a sound or event, I point to my ear and say, "Aiden, listen".

We have to teach him to listen. We have to teach him what sound is, what each sound means. With his hearing aids and a lot of hard work, Aiden has done an amazing job at learning to listen. This does not mean his hearing is getting "better", it means he is becoming aware of sound and starting to develop sound-object awareness. He is still a cochlear implant candidate and we are still working hard to get there. This shows us though, that as I've said over and over again, Aiden loves to listen.

A part of our day that is consistent, and that Aiden's daddy and I have turned into a teachable moment, is when Aiden's daddy comes home for lunch and home from work. We do the same thing, everyday. So as I hear his daddy unlocking the door, I prepare Aiden to listen.

And here is Aiden hearing his daddy. (Make sure you turn off the music on the right first).


Anonymous said...

That was a cool video! Good to hear your voices and great to see Aiden.


leah said...

Wow- he definitely hears his daddy! It is so amazing how fast they grow. It won't be long before he's saying "dada" in addition to hearing him!

Iz and K. said...

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Anonymous said...

Well hell, the video made me cry again! So glad to see that boy!!! (and at least hear ya'll voice). That boy gets more handsome every time I see him! Congrats on such a great son! Miss ya'll...Leah,Sherry & Caden!

AJ's Mom said...


I'm bawling over here. :) What an AMAZING video!! Way to go Aiden & Mom & Dad for all your hard work!!

Loudest Mom said...

Great video, and it is so FANTASTIC when you know they are hearing :)

misskri said...

Fantastic video!!! It will be awesome for you all to watch this in the years to come and be amazed at how far he has come!
Aiden is adorable!!! You could tell that he really heard Daddy. Before you know it, he will be saying da da and ma ma.
You are both doing an amazing job~ Aiden is lucky to have parents like you two!!!