Wednesday, December 10, 2008

and HERE WE GO ...

Aiden's surgery date is set! I was completely caught off guard when his audiologist emailed asking if we were still interested in a January implant date.

Ummmm ... Hello? ... YES!

I emailed back expressing my confusion about actually scheduling surgery prior to Aiden's next behavioral soundbooth. She replied that the schedule is filling up fast and that they want to get Aiden on the books ASAP for at least one implant (which we all agreed to at his last appt). Then, soon after his next soundbooth test, Aiden's daddy and I need to decide whether to implant both of Aiden's ears or just one. If we choose to have him bilaterally implanted, Aiden's surgeon also agreed to simultaneous implants, which means just one surgery to implant both sides! VERY, very exciting, if this is the route we choose (and A HUGE THANK YOU to this mom and her precious boy for paving the way)!

We're still researching bilateral CI's (both ears implanted) vs. bimodal (one CI and one hearing aid or electric hearing from the CI and acoustic hearing from the HA). We're trying to decide what would be best for Aiden. Do we really know at this point? I've seen great success stories with both. This is a very hard decision for us now after just recently finding out that Aiden has enlarged vestibular aqueduct syndrome (EVAS/LVAS), in which his hearing loss can flucuate tremendously over time, or, just one day all hearing be completely gone. Before this, we knew we wanted bilaterals, but at that time, Aiden wasn't hearing aided at 45db either! I'd love to hear from any of you and whether you chose bilaterals or bimodal and why!

So February 11th ... with insurance approval (and lots of prayers), is my baby's big day. He's on his way to hearing, and all before his first birthday! When they told me, I cried as I wrote it down. It screamed out to me ... MY SON IS DEAF. Why him? Why does he have to go through all this? He's way too young for surgery! I absolutely hate this for him, but truly know it's the right thing to do. I felt so many emotions rush through me all within 5 minutes ... panic, sadness, joy, selfishness, excitement, anger, worry ... and I just let myself cry.

As I cried, I took a look over at Aiden in his highchair, he smiled his big ol' toothless grin at me, shoved about a half dozen "puffs" into his mouth, and blurted out a big ol' raspberry and puffs sprayed everywhere! I laughed out loud and gave him a huge smooch!

Yeah ... he's going to be okay ... He's going to do great!


Bright Family said...

Gotta love that smile!

How wonderful to have a date scheduled and that his surgeon is willing to do both ears if that's what you choose! Now, we'll all have to say lots of prayers that there will be very little struggle (hopefully none) with insurance coverage.

As far as implanting one or both, I have no advice :( Tayten heard absolutely nothing with his hearing aids and was almost already two, so we went ahead with bilaterals. No regrets here!

I know you'll choose the right path for your little man! Mr. Aiden has some very awesome parents!

FutureBionicEar Mom said...

That is great news for Aiden. My surgery date has not been set yet maybe in late Feb or March. Also found out that I have EVA. This will be a great birthday present for him.

leahlefler said...

That has to be the cutest picture in the world! Gotta love those babies!

It certainly sounds like you have a great surgeon- he's an expert AND he's flexible! Here's to Aiden hearing by Easter!

Kel said...

What a beautiful smile! I am so glad you have a date, that is fabulous. Good luck deciding one or two! I know that no matter what you choose, he will do incredible things with it/them! He's a pretty amazing little guy.

Drew's Mom said...

He is doing to be GREAT! Congratulations on having a surgery thing down!

Drew was implanted simultaneously, no regrets! I'm so glad that we didn't have to go through two surgeries, or go thought the "big" ear vs. "baby" ear stage. But, each child, each family is different! If you want to talk more, you know my email :)

AJ's Mom said...

He's such a ham!! Congrats on a surgery date. Isn't it just like a kiddo to do something like spit out puffs to reassure us all is well? Yeah Aiden!!

Ben's Mom said...

Aiden is going to do great no matter what you choose. You and his dad will make the right decision for him. Good luck with everything and congratulations on a surgery date.

Julie said...


I have no advice for you, but maybe reassurance... first I'm writing that on my calendar to pray for you and Aiden, and second, not to make light of the weightiness of the decision, but it sounds like you have two GOOD choices, and we'll pray for you to make the BEST. :0)

Exciting news!

And I love the cereal raspberry :0)

stefania said...

hello i'm italian and I write in english in a very awful way. so, sorry in avance for my mistakes. I want to contratulate to you end to aiden.. i'll pray for you.
Jodi cutler gave me your link and I want to tell you that my little daugher Anita will be implanted next tuesday .. YES.. till 3 days... HELP ....
She's 18 months old.. and she is profond deaf .. maybe she'll receive bilateral implant, we're waiting for the ok of the anestesist (??? is it right this term? boh..)
bye bye and good luck !!

tammy said...

All - Thank you very much for your well wishes, support, and prayers! We have such a phenomenal support group out here that just amazes me! We've seen such success stories with both bilaterals & bimodal, we don't want to rule either out until his next soundbooth!

Stefania - Thank you for commenting. Your English is wonderful! : ) If you ever have ANY questions or need to just "talk" through email, or anything at all, feel free to email me at We are all in this together! Know I am sending you a huge hug your way! I wish you and your baby girl the best of luck! I will pray for you all on your big day!

Celeste said...

Congratulations and good luck. As far as bilateral versus one, it's a hard decision to make. Our son got his first implant last year and just had his surgery for his second one last week. I have a post on my blog from a CI mom, Val, who has one child with 2 implants and one child with one, and she lists the differences between each. Good Luck with the upcoming weeks.