Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Holidays!

We all had a wonderful Christmas! Ryan was VERY excited to finally get a cell phone, and although Kailyn was very disappointed she didn't get one (she's 8 ... not happening), she felt a lot better after opening up her American Girl Doll (thank you grandma)!

Aiden had a blast just tearing up paper and playing with any box that came his way.

And the cats ... here is one of them who thought the "princess tent" was for him. AHEM ... "Baby, you are not a princess!" He didn't listen ... or care, as he has spent every moment he could in the "princess tent"!

Although I tried very hard not to think about "learning to listen opportunities" with every present I picked up for Aiden, it wasn't easy. In the end, he got a lot of books, many toys that dealt with popping balls or pushing balls or rolling balls or catching balls, and Elmo (because even with this little Elmo I figured we could play "baby"). After he opened them all, I figured I went a bit overboard with all the "ball" toys (probably since we were working with balls for many different reasons in therapy - "ready, set, go", "roll, kick, bounce the ball", "push ... the ball into the hole", dropping the ball when a Ling sound is heard ... and on and on and on) ... and I decided to bring back a few. Honestly, how many "ball" toys does the boy truly need!?!

We were truly just all thankful that noone was puking and felt good enough to enjoy the day. I made a turkey and all the trimmings (for my "boys" who just love turkey) and all in all, it was a very relaxing day full of laughter and smiles! Here are some of my fave pics ... just to share ... which I experimented with my new camera and its fun effects!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and yours!


leah said...

Merry Christmas! Nolan has that same pilot cap and the same monkey pajamas- too funny. I'll have to get a pic of him in those! I do have to confess that while we didn't specifically set out to get "therapy toys," we did end up with lots of Little People sets (the animal sounds farm and the airplane) because there are a lot of things you can do with them language-wise!

I am glad you guys are all over the virus you had! I love the cell phone pick of Aiden- Mr. blue eyes!

tammy said...

I think Nolan & Aiden have a few similar outfits! I wanted the Little People Farm, but when I went to buy it, couldn't find it anywhere! So it's on the list for his first bday!!

and that pic is actually from my camera ... it has some "apply a fish eye effect" feature. Don't know why people would really use it, but I've had fun with it! : )

Anonymous said...

Tammy, OMG! Aiden is getting so big! He is so dog gone handsome too! Ok, now I don't feel so bad about all the "ball" toys Caden got. Hell, we don't even know what ball goes with what toy now there are so many balls! Oh, well it just means we are blessed enough to buy a lot of toys with balls..ha. I am glad ya'll had a great Christmas but we sure miss ya'll here. I think about ya'll and pray for Aiden all the time! We are on the count down with ya'll! God will not fail you! This is what he told me to tell you...
Tammy, Trust Me. I have everything under control...Love, Jesus