Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wonderful Week

Last week Aiden and I had a very exciting week! We were very busy with appointments, visiting new places, and meeting new friends!

We started the week at therapy with our new AVT. This was our third visit and are both feeling very comfortable with our new AVT. The first thing we do in therapy is practice the Ling 6 Sounds. So far, at each appt., Aiden has consistently looked at Miss Margaret and then at me, each time a Ling sound is said (all except the /s/ sound)! This past week, he also demonstrated some sound-object association. As Miss M. stacked blocks she would say, "Up, up, up." The same thing I say each time I pick Aiden up. So, lo and behold, after about three times of her saying this, my boy looked right at me and raised his hands for me to pick him "up, up, up!"

In the middle of the week Aiden and I ventured to downtown DC to this school to check out the parent-infant program, which meets once a week for an hour. This school is just that - absolutely amazing! Not only does it have a top notch language program (for both hearing and hearing impaired children, all within the same environment), they also provide speech therapy, OT, and have an on site audiologist! The staff there is out of this world and I felt so welcomed! Everyone already knew Aiden and were so excited to meet him! And come to find out, one of the SLP's I've been talking with all this time, studied at TCU under Aiden's first AVT, Miss Helen! What a small world!

Then to wrap up the week, Aiden and I ventured out once again to meet this beautiful mom and her amazing son Christian! What a way to end the week! When I first found out Aiden was deaf, I did what every mom does - research, research, research. Upon my research, I found a few families that truly touched my heart that I reached out to, desperate, looking for comfort, hope, and to hear "it's going to be okay". This was one of the first families I found and I instantly felt a connection ... I don't know why, I just did. I've followed their journey and have watched in awe how this little man has blossomed. He is simply amazing and has provided me so much hope. Unfortunately, we didn't get to spend a lot of time with him, since I was running late getting there, and it was time for his nap soon after. But, I have to say, he was very social, asking "baby Aiden" about what he was eating, telling us what he was eating for lunch, and then saying "good night" as he was off to nap. Sweet, sweet baby! And his mother ... astounding!

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Loudest Mom said...

Sounds like a fantastic week! And, the school *does* sound amazing.

Hope the wonderful week(s) continue :)