Sunday, September 6, 2009


Lately I've been writing about our goals, our workboards,
what we're doing to help Aiden speak and hear ...
but today, I just want to say


his never-ending laughter,
it truly is contagious.

the way he says,
"ma-ma-ma-ma-ma" and "daaaad"

the kisses he gives
as he puts one hand
on each of my cheeks,
when asked for a kiss.

belly laughs at hearing the simple whisper of "t,t,t,t,t",
because he knows a tickle session is on its way.

the constant gibber gabbers and pointing,
like he's talking to everyone
and everything,
whenever we're out for a walk.

when he wakes up each morning.

the way his eyes light up,
when he discovers a sound,
then smiles so proudly.

his curiosity
to explore the many different sounds
our world has to offer.

the way he wrestles with his brother and sister,
screaming and laughing.

the excitement he shows
when he hears the simple words,
"let's go bye-bye."

how he races his cars and trucks,
"bbbrrrr, bbbrrrr, bbbrrrrr"
such a boy.
the mischief he gets into,
then crawling away
as fast as he can, laughing
as he hears me walk into the room.

Everyday I am thankful for
Cochlear Implants,
Professor Graeme Clark for inventing them,
and all the beautiful sounds
my little monkey
can hear because of them.

This journey is amazing.

and everyday I am thankful,
that God chose me,
to be Aiden's mommy, and to walk with him,
hand in hand, on this wonderful journey.


Lone Star Couple said...

Beautiful. God is good!

Lucas'Mommy said...

Seriously beautiful. Give that sweet boy a big hug for me!

Amy said...

Beautifully written! You had me in tears. I feel so lucky that God chose me to be Ava's mommy. And I just checked out your little videos of Aiden's progress at 4 and 5 months - they blew me away! You are right about how amazing he is doing! Way to go!

susannah said...

what a wonderful post!

leah said...

Tammy, that is beautiful! Aiden is doing so wonderfully well, and I love those big blue eyes! It is always good to never take those calls for "mooooommmmmm" or "dadada" for granted- I know every time Nolan yells "Stop it!" or "NO!" I smile inwardly, thankful for early intervention and the newborn screening program!

Michelle said...

How precious! He will treasure the memories you've captured so well once day!