Thursday, September 24, 2009

18 Month Mommy

Aiden had his eighteen month well baby visit yesterday.
As I sat there waiting I couldn't help but reminisce
The tears welled up in my eyes that day,
sixteen months ago,
as I watched a toddler play in the waiting room.
I pictured Aiden at this little boy's age
(who was about 12 to 18 mths)
and all I could picture was all this equipment.
I tried to shut my mind off, but it wouldn't.
I wondered if he'd be as outgoing as the little boy
toddling around, babbling to his mom as happy as can be.
I thought about the possibility of Aiden not babbling,
and my heart skipped a beat, as if I couldn't breathe,
I was scared ... very scared.
I will NEVER forget that day.

That day I hated that my baby was deaf. Hated it.
I left the office feeling very sick to my stomach, tears rolling down.
Aiden at 2 months

Fast forward to yesterday. and my experience,
as the mom in the waiting room with an 18 month old,
with "that equipment" we now can't imagine him without.

We walk in and Aiden immediately starts squiggling
and says, "owwwn" for me to let him down.

I sit down, and Aiden hovers by my legs
playing shy in front of another mom and her daughter.

My monkey then climbs up on the seat,
saying "maaaaam" as he lays his head
on my shoulder still playing shy,

then decides he needs to show off instead
and gives me a nice whack on the head
as he yells "ow!" laughing out loud.

Continues to show off as he does a nose dive over me
to get a magazine with Halloween pictures on the cover.

As I try to talk to him about the pumpkin and the ghost
and the spiders, he yells,"ah da" (all done),
rips it from my hand and throws it on the floor.
then proceeds to try and climb up the seat
and onto the window sill ...

that's when the nurse came to call us back
thank God.

The nurse brings us back to the room, and
when she's done, says, "bye-bye Aiden!"
So Aiden waves and then blows a kiss
with a big ol "mmmmua"!

And I was worried.

Aiden at 18 months

and just for the record, his stats:
  • 27 pounds 4 oz vs. 12 pounds at 2 mths

  • 33 inches vs. 23 inches at 2 mths
  • 50 cm head circumference ... and I only put this here because I had to laugh at the fact that his head size is in the 95th percentile!! Oh my boys and there noggins!


Kel said...

What a beautiful time! Gosh, wow. He is doing SO well - and look at him grow! Amazing how they get so big so fast, isn't it?

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh, Tammy, that is heartwarming!

You've had quite a ride, so far... both of you. And Aiden is doing wonderfully.


mbishopp said...

great post! i felt as though i know him so well, yet i have never met your little hansome man before.

looking into river the cost and drive worth it?

Lucas'Mommy said...

I would have loved to have been a little birdie in the waiting room watching him go! I can't believe he's 27+ pounds!!! Lucas hasn't gotten to 23 yet...... hehe. They both have big heads though! So glad that there were no tears at 18 months! Hugs from us!