Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Audiology Round Two

Friday we hopped in the car for a trek back to Cleveland to follow up on Aiden's ugly audiology results from a few weeks ago. At that time, we left with four new programs to work up to. By this past Friday, we were on program 3, ready to change to program 4, but I held off as I wanted to see how he did with P3 and I didn't want him testing with a new program.

The results looked much better than last time, but still weren't where we want them to be. Aiden did pretty well behaviourally in the booth for his right ear, but as the left ear testing began, hyper mode kicked in. Maybe I shouldn't have bribed him with all those m&ms during the right ear testing.

Anyway, these were the results from three weeks ago:

and after gradually turning up the levels in the low frequencies on both ears, and the high frequencies on the left ear, the newest audiogram looks like this:

Good progress was made in the lower frequencies, which is wonderful. He is right where he needs to be for the mid frequencies and right ear high frequencies (except the measure at 8000 hz, which I don't believe is accurate), but the left ear at 4000 Hz we need to watch as well as both ears at 8000 hz. These higher frequency results are most likely due to Aiden's not wanting to "play" anymore. We couldn't get a SRT on his left either. We decided not to make any map changes at this time, but to move on to P4, and come back in two weeks for another recheck.

Overall, I am very happy to see the improvements. It is so important that he has a stable map to continue his language development. I definitely want to see the lower frequencies come up a bit and get a more accurate result on his left ear all around.

So two weeks from now we'll head back to Cleveland for another soundbooth and any mapping changes needed. Since we switched to P4, Aiden has repeated some very good /e/ sounds (which have always been very nasally), a good long i - which he now says "bye" and "hi" instead of bah and hah like someone from the deep south, and repeats the /m/ and /oo/ immediately when said at a good distance, mouth covered, unlike he was before.


Amy said...

plizyTammy that is wonderful! You obviously have a good audiologist who knows what he/she is doing. It's amazing what a bit of tweaking can do and just how fast Aiden adjusts and picks up on those sounds! He will be great. Way to go Aiden!!!

Amy said...

Something weird just happened there with my comment - that word "plizy" was the word verification I had to type in to leave a comment and for some reason got added onto my comment .....it wasn't me lol

Melanie said...

That audiogram looks MUCH better! Sounds like you are on the right track now.