Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ten on Tuesday (a day late)

1. One of my newest favorite pics - I am in LOVE with those baby blues. My dad, who was a die hard Michigan fan, would cringe though seeing his grandson in an Ohio State hat.

2. Aiden got his baby blues from both his grandpas. I've been missing my dad "extra" this week. I've never lost someone so close to me and when you do, it gives a whole new perspective of life. I miss our conversations the most - even if he drove me crazy with his million phone calls a day - not a doubt in my mind though how much he loved us. He'd be so proud Aiden, even in that Ohio State hat.

3. Aiden starts school in five days counting. I started Monday and Tuesday off crying just thinking about it. By the end of the day yesterday, I was counting the hours ... the boy was out of control. Needless to say, no tears this morning, OK, just a few. What is up with my emotions this week!?!?

4. With Aiden starting school, I dedicated this week as a week of fun. No ABCs and 123s. We still have formal therapies, but I decided no at-home therapy. Our time together is going to be spent at fun places with friends, building towers, and I think we'll check out THIS place too.

5. My list of things to do during my ALONE TIME (don't those two words have a beautiful sound to them), is growing - paint the kid's bathroom, start a morning workout program (ideally a cheap, local yoga class), organize the basement, learn the insides and out my newest purchase (a digital SLR camera with hopes to achieve a goal I've always wanted to pursue, but have always put off) ... first though, I think this mama deserves a spa day!

6. Taxes. I procrastinate them EVERY.SINGLE.YEAR. I don't know why, we've never had to pay, and all I have to do is organize our information. Why on earth would someone procrastinate doing something that's going to put money back in their pocket? Drives me insane. Guess I should add that to my to do list above ... right after the spa day.

7. I miss my mom and grandparents. TERRIBLY. (I think it has a lot to do with #2 above). If we didn't have a vacation already booked for Spring Break, we'd road trip it to Wisconsin. As soon as the kids are done with school though, we're there and I cannot wait. Everything about Wisconsin makes my heart warm and my stomach giddy - it's part of my definition for L-O-V-E.

8. Aiden's articulation is really coming along. He's starting to firm up some words, for example, mommy. It started as a good "mama", then went to "mahee", then to "mannee", and just recently I'm hearing a perfect "MOMMY" and it makes my heart melt. Yesterday, I sneezed and he said, "Es you mommy", my eyes watered - just one of those moments (and see #3 above).

9.We took a roadtrip to Cleveland this past weekend to celebrate my nephew's Confirmation, my husband's and SIL's birthday, and Aiden had an audiology appointment . Fun times as always. I need to remember though, that being out until 3am doesn't work for me anymore.

10. Aiden's audiology appt. went well. He is finally starting to somewhat participate in the booth again. Stickers are key. His audiogram was nice - between 20 to 30 db across all frequencies, so they fine tuned him and gave us a new program to work with. I'm sure it was better though because throughout the testing we had to keep telling him, "Shhh, listen", because he wouldn't quit jibber jabbering or humming and singing. Seriously, how can I get upset at my deaf child who won't quit talking or singing long enough to get a good audiogram!?! LOVE IT!


Melanie said...

"Everything about Wisconsin makes my heart warm and my stomach giddy - it's part of my definition for L-O-V-E."

This made me smile! :)

And way to go in the booth, Aiden!!

Danielle said...

glad he is doing well :)