Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I started my morning advocating for my daughter for the umpteenth time at a meeting with the district preschool/elementary psychologist (who looks like he just graduated from college and has NO kids), her very accommodating teacher, and team. As the principal shared the two page letter I wrote, he called me "very organized and detail oriented". I walked out of there like Ray's wife from Field of Dreams after confronting town hall and winning. Testing will start today.

2. Potty training. Not going well. Four days and nothing, not even a tinkle in the pot. So thankful though for the multiple pairs of Hanes sweat pants my mom bought Aiden - easy to pull up and down, wash well, and very absorbent. Perfect for potty training.

3. Everyone's finally healthy in the family - except mom. I guess I'm glad it saved me for last. It's hard to take care of a sick family when you're sick yourself. Between coughing and Aiden still not sleeping through the night (like since he was born), I got little to no sleep last night. If I could only call in sick and lay on the couch all day finishing this great book I'm reading.

4. Ryan is shaving. Not like once every couple weeks, but like a couple times a week. Seriously. It's more than puberty stubble, and since he has such dark hair you notice every little bit. If it were up to him, he'd let it keep growing. He says he's going to grow a beard. Gotta laugh at that, but he probably could. He's 14. *deep breath* My baby is growing up way too fast.

5. Kailyn has decided she wants to be, as she calls it, "a sports chic". This is my very girly-girl talking. When she was younger, we tried t-ball (in which she'd walk clear across the field to go "talk" to a boy on her team in the middle of a play), we tried soccer (in which she said, "there's so much running, and I sweat!"). So what's changed? The CUTE BOY at school plays soccer at recess, so she's joined in and has decided she LOVES soccer and has begged us to sign her up. So we did. I hope she continues with it, it'd be so good for her all around.

6. Where did February go? I can't believe it's already March. March has many celebratory dates for our family - hubby's birthday, Aiden's hearing birthday, Aiden's birthday AND St. Patty's Day, four extended family birthdays, Spring Break, a Confirmation, and something I'm sure I'm forgetting. Guess I need to start a spending budget just for this month.

7. Speaking of birthdays, I cannot believe Aiden is almost three! In 8 days we'll celebrate his SECOND HEARING BIRTHDAY, in 13 days he'll start PRESCHOOL, then in 16 days he'll be THREE! Lots of happy tears anticipated for this month.

8. Spring is almost here and my fever is burning hot. I'd really like to plant a garden this year. I never have before and have no clue where to start. I'm becoming VERY picky with what fruits and veggies I buy at the store and feel like everything I look at is grown outside the US. How can that be fresh and I can only imagine what is keeping them looking so. Plus, there's nothing better than homegrown veggies! Suggestions on where to start?

9. Now that we only have two weeks left with our county therapists, Aiden has decided he's finally going to show them what he has to say. For the last few months he has been completely silent during therapies, listening to what they ask, but not responding verbally at all. The last two sessions, he's been showing them he can speak. Of course he is, he knows he's on his way out, and he's going to leave them wanting more. That's my boy.

10. During our "fun work" time yesterday, Aiden and I were playing a game with the alphabet flash cards practicing the letters and their sounds. Out of the blue he quit TELLING me what the pictures on the cards were, and instead started SIGNING them, watching my reaction every time he did a sign. I gave him none. I was actually shocked how many signs he knows because we sign very little with him. Oh the power of Signing Time AND my two year old. Little stinker.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh, Aiden cracks me up!

What an exciting month!

And a question... you've mentioned having concerns about your daughter, but I must have missed something. Have you shared (on the blog) what your concerns are? or is that private?

Whatever it is, I'm glad she's got you on her side :D


Jenna said...

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MB said...

Gardening -

If you like tomatoes, start there. They taste SO much better than anything you will ever buy in a store, and save the most money. I find things like squash take up so much space (which I don't have a lot of) and are cheap in the store.

The other thing I like to grow is weird stuff you generally don't see in the store. Sometimes I'm really disappointed though, like when I grew purple green beans. Turns out they just turn green when you cook them!

For your first year, just buy the seedlings/small plants at the garden center. It will save you so much money in the end. I know it doesn't seem like it when one plant is $3 and a packet of 30 seeds is $1, but trust me! Don't put tomatoes out when it's still too cold. I make that mistake every year. It just stunts their growth.

Here's my garden blog from last year.