Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. We're on VaCaTiOn! It is Ryan's and Kailyn's Spring Break so we headed to Myrtle Beach. Weather is absolutely nasty, icky, blah, BOO. As bummed as I am, it's still nice to walk outside and hear/see the ocean (even at 40 degrees outside) and even nicer to have family time with no schedules, appointments, or practices.

2. Today is supposed to be a high of 61 and completely sunny. Can you say BEACHBOUND?!? I need my sunshine fix.

3. and even with the cold rainy weather, Kailyn and her daddy are such T-R-O-O-P-E-R-S. They are not letting this weather ruin their vacation. My daughter is a fish and weather is not a factor. On a 40 degree night she "dared" her daddy to jump in the outside pool, which of course he couldn't back down on, and she was right in after him. Insane.

4. I'm upset with myself that I didn't plan better and get Aiden the aLOKSAK for the beach. I've read on many people's blogs, like here, and here, and here, who have used this so their child can still wear their CIs to hear while they swim. It scares me. In the same breath, I want Aiden to HEAR and learn the sounds of the beach as he plays in the sand and runs through the waves. Next time for sure.

5. Simply Amazing Moment #1114 - Aiden's daddy turned the radio on and as he turned it up, Aiden, smiling that lovely shit eating grin he has, covered his ears and yelled, "IT'S TOO LOUD!" LaUgH aNd LoVe!

6. I luuuuvvv my coffee in the morning. I love it even more when everyone is still sleeping and it's only me, my coffee, and my computer. Complete peace.of.mind. Now if I can just figure out how to bottle up the sounds and view of the ocean and take it home with me.

7. My mother-in-law is with us on our trip. She is AMAZING and what I consider the ultimate mother-in-law. I'm lucky to have her. Selfishly, it's fun having her to ourselves (remember, my husband has 11 siblings which = 20 grandkids).

8. As I watched the news last night I was saddened by the fact that the LAST thing they showed was one of our U.S. soldiers, returning home from the Middle East, surprising his five year old daughter whom had no clue her daddy was about to walk through the doors. These moments are priceless. Why wait to the end? Don't they know that by the end people have already changed the channel sick of hearing all the "bad"? I think we need a channel dedicated to nothing but "happy" news. Who's with me?

9. I really enjoyed THIS book. I see they're coming out with the movie yet have no intentions of seeing it. The book was so good and I'm scared the film will ruin it for me.

10. I love everything about vacations - spending good quality time together, exploring new areas, playing games, laughing, building our relationships and FoReVeR memories - TOGETHER, as a family - with NO distractions. Pure bliss.


leah said...

Myrtle Beach! THat's on my to-do list. How long of a drive is it to SC? I think it is about 12 hours or so from Western NY (maybe longer)... I hope the weather improves for you soon! This winter (spring) has been SO COLD!

They were filming Water for Elephants near my parent's house. I might see the movie on rental - I loved the book. They're turning The Help into a movie, too!

Have a great vacation!!!

Leah Lewis said...

I still need a spoon so I can't eat that boy up!!! Of course he is cute, both of his parents are smoking hot ;)

Positive Thoughts said...

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