Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two Years Hearing

I will never forget the day I held Aiden in my arms, just hours after his "profound hearing loss" diagnosis. I muted the television as I called for Ryan. As I waited, I sat in complete silence admiring my sleeping baby, then looked back up at the tv. I will NEVER forget that moment. My stomach completely churned as I sat there and watched the people on tv, their lips moving, - I could tell they were arguing, things happening all around, yet I heard nothing. It was then that Aiden's reality hit me - his world was SILENT. My heart raced, dropped into my stomach. I felt sick, like I was punched in the stomach. I couldn't fathom my son in a silent world. My mind raced - he may never hear my voice, and just the same, I may never hear his. This couldn't be happening.


Today, as I look back over Aiden's hearing journey, I take a long deep breath. It's been a long haul, some parts of the journey smooth, other parts bumpy, we've hit dead ends and forks in the road with no clue which way to go. It's been full of running to nonstop appointments; understanding his equipment, mapping sessions and FM systems; attending seminar after seminar learning all about Aiden's world and HOW to speak to our son in order to create a language rich environment; then add in daily Ling checks and learning to listen sounds and experience books. Overwhelming to say the least.

Most of all though it's keeping HOPE and FAITH, knowing our son will hear and speak, that he will attend mainstream school and be as much a part of this hearing world as the rest of his hearing family. We know the "equipment" alone will not accomplish this - it is up to us, his family, to TEACH him, to guide him, not only to listen and to speak, but to cherish the beautiful sounds our world has to offer.

and that's what we've been doing, as his family, for the past three years - taking each day as a new day, step by step, showing Aiden the way.

So today, when I think back over the past three years (two years hearing), I cry. Not tears of sadness, but tears of complete and pure happiness. This journey is not a sad one - it is a JOYOUS one - as we watch Aiden discover new sounds, speak new words, SING, and DANCE. This journey is not an easy one - it is a lot of hard work - but every ounce of effort, every sleepless night, every bit of research to find new language and listening activities is worth hearing that sweet little voice. This journey is not a sprint - it is a marathon - and we still have a long ways to go. This journey is - SIMPLY AMAZING - as we watch Aiden do things every.single.day that at one time, we thought he'd never do.

In honor of Aiden's two years hearing (which was actually March 9th -just catching up), I've attached some of my personal favorite SIMPLY.AMAZING Aiden moments. Smile with me as you watch just how far our boy has come in his hearing journey. We are so proud of you Aiden Robert!

Aiden's First CI Activation

Four Months Hearing - Aiden's First Word

10 Months Hearing - Face Parts

13 Months Hearing - "Ryan"

18 Months Hearing - "It's Stuck"

22 Months Hearing - "How are you?"


Herding Grasshoppers said...


I think you're a born encourager :D

Hurray for Aiden, and all of you!


Susannah said...

so proud of him. and you.

love that our kiddos are so close-9 days apart!- in "hearing bdays"!!! i thought of aiden as we celebrated monrovia's on saturday.

Melanie said...

I just love these videos. So, so sweet.

Danielle said...


AimeeTheSuperMom said...

It really is a journey, isn't it? We as parents of Deaf or special needs children get the special gift of learning to really appreciate the amazing simplicity of life. We learn that it's more than stopping to smell the roses. It's about feeling the petals and the soil it grows in, to really press it against our skin. Never again does "baby's first word" simply go into the baby book. For us, it is cause for rejoicing and remembering. It really is the first day of the rest of their lives, isn't it?

Happy hearing birthday, Aiden!! May they all be equally as special and miraculous!

kkohler said...

Amazing! It is definitely a journey! I cried right along with you girl!

Jodi Michelle Cutler said...


Lucas'Mommy said...

I can't believe how he's grown! I love him in his activation video! It really has been a joyous journey!

Leah Lewis said...

WOW! Love to hear him talk. How amazing, because he has an amazing family! We still miss ya'll so much. Our boys are 3 now, you know they would be tearing up some shit together :) Love and miss ya'll!