Monday, September 26, 2011


today I went in to meet with Aiden's SLP to review his latest articulation test results.
HUGE difference from May to September. 
YAY buddy!

today I learned that even though Aiden's making great strides, there's still a lot of concern
 about his articulation when imitating a sound using a simple consonant-vowel (CVCV)
syllable structure (ex. ba-ba),
particularly with the /oo/ and /ow/ vowel sounds
and /w/, /f/, and /h/ consonant sounds.

today it was reiterated to me, that although Aiden can say most of the phonemic sounds in isolation, 
he struggles getting them correct when spontaneously using them in words
 (without imitation), mainly with multi-syllabic words or in simple sentences,
  and in all placements - initial, middle, and end. 
We know he's hearing them, as he can imitate any sound back, 
but when putting the sounds together, he gets "tongue tied" 
aka problems with motor planning.

today his SLP voiced concerns about his balance 
and that on some days she has to hold his hand all the way back to the classroom
 as she's scared he's going to fall. 
I know he has good and bad days, but I've never thought he was about to fall over from walking. Maybe I'm "too" used to it. 
She asked if we thought about getting him evaluated from a neurologist.
deep breath.

today I reassured myself, that all in all he will be okay.
with a great SLP at his school working on his articulation, 
and a great AVT working on his language and listening, 
and a great OT working on his overall praxis/motor planning

today I observed Aiden in his classroom (he couldn't see me). 
I love watching my boy in action. He was quite quiet, sorta stand-offish. 
He seemed withdrawn,
he said "I want applesauce" perfectly at snack time.
My mind was being very critique"ish" as I watched.
I like his school, but I don't LOVE it, 
and I don't like that feeling. 

today as I sat there and watched him I held back tears - okay, tears flowed.
 I know he's come so far, but it just seems to be one thing after the other lately. 
We work SO hard with him. We have SO much to work SO hard on.
 So much to do, so much to take in.
 It's time for his break.

today his teacher came in and talked to me as I observed. 
She had great things to say, 
"He's so smart, he knows all his letter sounds, he's such a happy kid, he's so sweet.
 Yes, it's hard to understand him and he can be quiet, BUT we're working on that."

I know.

today I told his teacher I needed copies or names of the songs/poems they learn, 
so we can sing them at home. I need to know what they're doing
 on a daily basis so I can talk to him at home about his day at school. 
I need more, so I can help them help him.

today he was also tested by the school's OT, which I also observed.
 It was hard watching all the other kids leave the class to go play while
 he sat through yet another test for the possibility of yet another therapy.
He's getting one hour a week of a private OT outside of school,
 PT once a week at school, and now they want to add OT to school once a week too. 
I'm going to think about that one.

today his teacher suggested that we take that OT spot at school
and that it happen during recess so he doesn't
miss out on language activities in the classroom.
miss out on recess?
he's three.
I just thought about it.
and I think we'll just stick with his private OT, whom he loves.

today I showed his teacher and the OT his Thera-Tog aka Super Mario suit and how it works.
 He's not too fond of it, but once it's on, seems to be okay. I haven't put it on for school yet, 
as I'm not ready to tackle that fight every morning before the sun's even up 
AND it usually takes bribery of chocolate to get it on. 
Hmmm, chocolate for breakfast. Sure, why not.

today I tried to sneak out of the school to go have lunch with my hubby, 
but a little someone saw me before I left.

today it's raining.

today was a reminder of how far we've come,
yet how far we still have to go.
you know, one of those bitter-sweet,
want to cry, but should rejoice, type of days.

today I took that certain little someone out of school early, 
sang the awesome CD from JTC all the way home, 
and had a great lunch of pb & j with my little man. 

today I made chicken and dumplings in the crockpot. 
Perfect warm the soul food on a cold rainy day.

today is the perfect day to get in a good long snuggle with that perfect little someone,
just the Rx needed.


leah said...

Sweet little guy! Here's to getting those sounds put together in a good way. Here's to bribery - chocolate for breakfast sounds good to me, lol!

Amy said...

when things get overwhelming for me it helps to remember to take things one day at a time my day at a time.


Kat said...

You can do it, sweetie! If there is one thing that I know is that YOU will get Aiden the help that he needs to overcome ANYTHING! I wish that we were still within our JTC cocoon so I could walk across the hall and give you a big hug and an even bigger glass of wine.

Keep on keepin' on, sista! Hugs and love!!

Melanie said...

I don't know why I have been missing your latest posts! Thanks for the update. :)