Sunday, June 15, 2008


My house is quiet this morning ... Aiden's back asleep for his morning nap, Mike's still sleeping (after a night of pig hunting with the guys), and so is everyone else! This is actually a treat to me as I have time to sit and reflect about the two important men in my life ... my husband and my dad.

My husband is an amazing father! I just smile when I watch him interact with our kids - each one in their own special way...

I watch him with Ryan - joking around, roughing him up, playing video games together, taking him hunting, coaching him not only in baseball, but about growing up and becoming a good man, coaching him about LIFE.

With Kailyn, he's so gentle, treating her like a princess, holding her hand, taking time to do things girls like to do, involving her with the "boy" things too, taking her to daddy-daughter dances, and teaching her now how a man should always treat a lady. She is definitely daddy's little girl.

Then there's Aiden, just three months, and I'm reminded all over again why I married this man. The way he holds him, talks to him, changes him, bathes him, is involved with him, everyday, every moment he gets. My favorite is seeing all six feet of him sleeping with this tiny little bundle on his chest. How peaceful. How precious.

And me ... I see how he believes in me, in our family, in our life. He reminds me everyday how Aiden will be okay, how we will learn together, how we will get through it, day by day. He is my strength. My best friend. My partner. My therapist ; ). My everything. Happy Father's Day baby.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This is also the first Father's Day since my dad passed away in January. I think about him today and I want to cry, but instead I smile. He's still with me and so are all of the things he taught me that help me through this journey...

"Always give it your all, no matter what you're doing ..."

"Follow your heart ... follow your heart ... follow your heart"

Throughout this time, I think of my dad and I remember his words. This is not going to be a smooth easy ride, I'm going to make mistakes, I'm going to have those days. All I can do though is follow my heart with all the decisions that have to be made and give it my all, and I know as I go forth on this journey, I'll be able to look back and feel good about it, and today I know it will all be okay ...


Val said...

is that camo he's wearing? how precious is that? love him

Lucas'Mommy said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog today. We really are on the same path. Lucas has an MRI scheduled for July 3. Hopefully then we'll know whether or not he is a cochlear implant candidate. We hope that he is. The feelings that you've had over the past few months mimic mine almost exactly. I'd love to keep in touch also. Good luck to you.