Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Message From Above

Thank you all for your encouraging messages to help me through my "bad day"! It is nice to know that you all agree, IT IS OKAY TO HAVE A BAD DAY!

The most encouraging message came last night though. This is crazy and I think the Lord knew I needed to hear this. I was lying in bed trying to get Aiden to sleep and for some reason opened my cell phone ... it said "voice record". I thought "voice record? hmmm..." Then I saw there was a recording - Nov. 20, 2007 and I pressed play. I couldn't hear it too well and figured I'd hear Kailyn being silly, but then I made it out - it was my dad and me - a quick 10 second conversation, "Hi dad.", "Hi. Love you." "I love you too dad." CLICK. That's it. I had chills. I listened to it over and over - I was hearing my dad's voice telling me he loves me!! Tears just fell! He used to call me everyday just to tell me he loved me and now I can still listen to it everyday. He wanted to remind me he's here with me at a time I needed it most! I LOVE YOU DAD AND MISS YOU SO MUCH! THANKS FOR YOUR MESSAGE!


Bill and Shelly said...

That is so awesome!! Is'nt it great that God gives just what we need when we need it.
Keep hanging in there.

elizabeth said...

Wow. That just takes my breath away. Things definitely happen for a reason, and I have a feeling that this fork in the road might just be the beginning of something great for you and your family!