Friday, June 6, 2008

Ooooo's and Aaaaaa's

We had therapy today. First one since summer break started. Kailyn had to go with me, which shouldn't be a big deal, but you have to know Kailyn. I love her to death, but she is quite the drama queen and loves every ounce of attention she can get and I was a bit worried about having to keep her under control while learning about Aiden's therapy. Most of the time, she sat and colored as she read (out loud of course) until she was invited to come join in and help! Best thing the therapist did, because now she was involved and felt important! She loved it!

Aiden was a ham as well! He really responded today! We were taught about his "hearing bubble" which is about 6 inches from his ear - this is the best range to keep within his ear when talking to him. Kailyn was taught how to speak to Aiden and stay within his hearing bubble and everytime Kailyn said"I LOVE YOU", Aiden would get a huge smile on his face! When he had his binky, he'd stop sucking on it ... our therapist said all of which are great signs he's responding to our voices!

So here's our homework for the week:
*Speak to him within his hearing bubble with good emphasis on our vowels. Lots of aaaaa's, eeee's, oooo's, and uuuu's!
*Everyone in the family will read one book a day to him (a baby book with lots of emphasis on vowels). I like this homework because it gets all of us involved.
*Pick a song of the week and really sing it throughout the week changing it up for each activity - we're working on Old McDonald this week - it's amazing how Old McDonald can change a diaper, give a bath, and burp a baby!
*Continue with our name game and listening walks.

Ryan says I'm a nut the way I talk to Aiden, but that's okay ... better to start practicing at home for the real world. I am sure there will be a lot of people out there who look at me as a bit cooky as I talk to Aiden in public, but it's for my baby and I'll do whatever it takes!


Mom to Toes said...

That therapist sounds awesome. What wonderful ideas she sent you home with!

I love that he smiled when his sister said "I LOVE YOU!"

He is so lucky to have been born into such an amazing family.

I love your blog. :D

Val said...

hey, you tell Ryan that I've been seen in McDonalds moo-ing like a cow and oinkin' like a pig. We all get used to it, it's for the children!! haha