Sunday, June 8, 2008

We're All in This Together

Aiden is amazing! We have really seen some great reactions from him this past weekend! We've had his hearing aids since May 27th, but the first week seemed so overwhelming and I just wasn't seeing any reactions from him; I refused to say he didn't hear us, yet felt an emptiness when he showed no reactions to my voice. Now, when I put on his hearing aids, his face lights up. He fusses at first while I get them on, but once they're on, he's all smiles! He's really been participating in some great vocal play too, cooing more and responding back to our voices! Kailyn loves to show everyone how he smiles and kicks when she tells him "I LOOOOOVVVVE YOUUUUU!" He definitely knows his sister!

I went out this weekend and bought a bunch of baby books and created the "Basket of Books" and set it in the living room. Everyone has to read him one book a day! Aiden loves them all, especially the ones with the baby faces! I love to see Kailyn & Ryan read to him. Ryan is very interactive making sure Aiden's looking at the pictures or takes his hand to feel the different textures of animals! I've even heard Mike talking to Aiden the "nutso" way I do, emphasizing our vowels and repeating every little noise Aiden does (you gotta admit, it sounds a bit crazy constantly repeating every noise a baby makes or narrating every movement you make, but after about a week, it's become normal household chit-chat.) It's great to see the whole family getting involved to help Aiden! We all know our goal and we're all getting there together!


Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that the hearing aides seem to be working. It sounds like you are all doing a wonderful job to make sure Aiden will know his sounds when it comes time for him to start talking. Keep up the great work and again, I wish we could see him in person.

Steve and Maggie

Bill and Shelly said...

You are doing a great job, keep it up.
It's funny, now that we have a hearing baby in the house (after having 2 that are not) I find myself talking to Jordan in the way I did with Jared and Allison when we were starting the process with them. If anyone hears me talking to Jordan, they would think I have lost my mind. Oh, well it is all worth it in the end.
So glad Aiden seems to be adjusting to the hearing aides, that will make it so much easier when he gets the CI.

tammy said...

Shelly - I met a mom the other day who has a 4 1/2 year old with CIs and a 2 yo hearing child. She said her 2 yo started talking very early and she believes it's because she talked to her the same way she talked to her older daughter ... it's all that narrarating all day long!! So I'm sure Jordan will be some chatterbox! : )