Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Be Bi Ba (Be Right Back)

Aiden is finally starting to speak using two words and is even starting to throw in some three word sentences here and there. A lot of them (the three word sentences) are hard to understand because his articulation with putting three words together isn't quite there (he's two, definitely to be expected), but you can tell through whatever activity we're doing and the syllables he uses.

We understand one quite well though as he stares us right in the eye, holds up his left index finger, and very matter of fact states, "Be bi ba" (be right back). He doesn't move until we give him the "okay" or "where are you going" (to which he completely ignores) or some sort of confirmation that we heard him. If we say nothing, he keeps repeating it and pointing that finger until we do.

The funny thing is that he's totally serious and doesn't want us to follow. If I try to follow, he'll push me away and say "go". The little stinker is letting us know nicely that he'll "be right back" as soon as he's done doing whatever it is HE IS NOT ALLOWED to do. i.e. sneak out the front door, head upstairs to his brother or sister's room, play in the bathroom sink, sit on the cat etc.

It's too cute not to capture, so I grabbed my Flip the other day, captured the "be bi ba", and followed him. You'll also hear him use his latest FAVORITE boy word and put to use our prepositions we've been working so hard on!

(don't forget to turn off the music first!)


Herding Grasshoppers said...


That is SO CUTE! And - hey - his articulation isn't that bad, for his age :D I got the "crash" and "under" just fine!

And I just love the "be ri ba"


Melanie said...

Cuteness. :)

PinkLAM said...

He's adorable! I thought the "under" was amazingly clear!

tammy said...

oops ... after going back and rereading the way I wrote it didn't make sense ... I meant his three word sentences are all mumbled together, which at two, isn't a surprise whether he was hearing or not, and I'm just super excited he's beginning to understand he can put three words together. Aiden actually has some pretty clear words he uses, under and crash being two of them. So proud of my lil' stinker!

Anonymous said...

LMAO when I saw him walk away like a monkey. Can't wait to meet him in person.


Anonymous said...

He's too cute. I love that he totally initiated "under" and then "crash" when the chair wobbled a bit. Great work guys!

Jodi Michelle Cutler said...

OMG...listen to that little man go!! Hilarious! Love to you all...stealing the video:-)