Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Park Full of Prepositions

One of the things we're working on with Aiden right now are prepositions. Aiden has been using up, down, upstairs, downstairs, in, out, and on in the correct context for quite some time now, so we've been focusing on under, over, on top, and through. Once he begins to master these, we'll move on to others.

Besides using them in our everyday language as we play or speak with Aiden, I have found one of the best places for prepositions is the park, it is loaded with prepositional language! I've taken many different pictures from trips to the park to create an experience book which not only helps with prepositions, but also with"ing" verbs, and identifying all the fun playground equipment.

Aiden is walking OVER the bridge to go DOWN the slide.

Kailyn is hanging UPSIDE DOWN on the monkey bars while Aiden is standing UNDER them.

Aiden is climbing UP the rocks to get to the TOP.

Aiden is riding on the see saw UP and DOWN.

Kailyn is sitting ON TOP of the rocks.

Aiden is swinging from the bar at the TOP of the slide before sliding DOWN.

Aiden is climbing THROUGH the tunnel.

Aiden is sliding DOWN the slide.
(LOVE how this slide is not plastic either! PERFECT for not having to worry about static and failed processors!)

Not only has the park been good for language, but has been tremendously helpful with Aiden's low muscle tone, balance, and sensory integration. We are really starting to see some good gains, and I believe all the time playing outside and at the park have a lot to do with it. He is not stumbling near as much as he used to, he's starting to run, and by the end of any trip to the park, he's ready for a nice nap.

This is what I call some good ol' all inclusive fun play therapy ... and the best part about it, he doesn't even realize how hard he's working!


leah said...

Love, love, love it! Nolan has the basic prepositions, too, but we are going to start working on the "next step" with words like between, around, etc. He missed the word "bottom" on his language tests (though he had top)- another one of those language holes, I guess!

That park is seriously awesome, as is Aiden. It is a great workout for both his motor skills and language skills!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hurray for real life learning and FUN!


Amy said...

Another fantastic reason why you are such an awesome CI mom. Brilliant post and pictures!

Jen said...

This is my first time to your blog...and story.
I have twin girls, born 5 months early @ 23 weeks.
One of my daughters last her hearing to some of the medicines they used to save her life as a preemie.

She has profound hearing loss in an BAER but severe in a behavioral booth. She was just diagnosed with AN {Auditory Neuropathy}. She currently wears bilateral hearing aids but our team is very much discussing a CI.

Has it worked well for your family?
Would you change anything?
Any suggestions?

Thank you