Thursday, August 5, 2010

A New Tradition

Every year the kids and I head to Wisconsin for our annual camping trip with grandma, but this year, due to a very unfortunate event, we weren't able to go. Therefore, we chose to get our camping fix locally over a long weekend with four other families.

aiden was in his element,
content the whole time.
he pointed to his ear over and over.
"was a?" he'd say, as he
heard birds screeching, leaves rustling,
fire crackling, cicadas chirping.

he RAN to keep up with all his cousins
and friends, and when he couldn't
keep up, they never left him behind.

his quote of the weekend (and newest three word phrase),
that was said over and over and over again,
"be ri ba" (be right back),
as he'd hold up his index finger, look us right in the eye,
then run off to catch up with the others.

It was a weekend of hangin' with cousins and friends
of all ages, no fighting, no arguing,
just joking and pure enlightening laughter.

It was a weekend of spinning tops and decorating the patio with chalk.

of playing baseball (which Aiden hit his first ball by himself!)

of flirting.

a weekend of paddle boats and canoes,

of fishing and snapping turtles

of complete pure innocent silliness from the younger ones

and the older ones alike.

it was a weekend of laughter.
of great food. of great company.
kids ages 2 through 40 something joined the outdoor festivities,
although us 10 " grown kids" were outnumbered
by the 16 kids aged 2 to 15,
we all had equally amount of fun.

it was a weekend we decided to start a
new tradition, it was our first annual
friends and family camping trip,
with many, many more to come!


leah said...

What a great time! The pictures are absolutely adorable- I love the one of Aiden by the car! Could he be any cuter?

I can't believe August is already here- it feels like summer is flying by!

The Brights said...

We had a fabulous camping trip as well...also hoping to turn ours into tradition! As soon as my sisters share their photos, I will be blogging!

I am glad all you "kids" had a wonderful time!

Herding Grasshoppers said...


That is AWESOME!

That picture of him with his finger up saying "be ri ba" just melts my heart... so adorable!

Sounds like a great tradition you've begun!


Melanie said...

Glad you have a new tradition but I still think you should come to WI next Summer if not before. :)

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

Yeah! So fun!