Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wisconsin 2010

Last Wednesday, at about 8pm, I decided the kids and I
needed to get our mom/grandma fix before the summer
was over, so early the next morning,
our 8 hour trek across the Midwest began.

There's nothing better than an unplanned roadtrip.
Pure excitement all around.

We didn't get our annual camping trip with grandma this year,
due to a roadtrip to Texas by my mom to support a very
good friend's husband's unexpected passing,
but even in our short unexpected trip,
Aiden still experienced a lot of new firsts.

He played in the rain,
went to his first amusement park, Bay Beach,
which is very old school,
(so were there .25 cents-a-ride prices)
saw his first Ferris Wheel.
He rode many fun rides like the boats, airplanes, trains,
and BUGS, which he requested each by name,
and of course, we couldn't pass by
the race cars, which he asked for the "pahle ar".
He rode a carousel, (such a big boy)
where we saw another little boy with bilateral CIs,
but weren't quick enough off the ride to stop them
to say hello.
He got to sing Happy Birthday to his 81 year "young"
great-grandma, whom I am VERY close to and LOVE
the fact that her and Aiden's great-grandpa get to see the miracle CIs
provide him, whom they were very
concerned about, but now can't get over just how
well he HEARS and TALKS.
Something they never dreamed of.

Not necessarily a first, but still too cute -
getting into mischief with his second-cousin as they
scoped out the glass bowl of m&m's, pulled them
off the counter and munched up handfuls
before an adult stepped in and stopped the sugar fest.
Always fun at Uncle Mike's and Aunt Jane's house!
(where he had his first ride on a riding lawn mower,
and at the end would yell, "YAYYY")
He even had some firsts with language.
"gampa" and something I couldn't even try to spell out
for grandma, but he definitely tried.
"tan tu" (thank you) out of nowhere and all.the.time.
Before this trip it was all sort of a humming.

Another summer, another trip to my stomping grounds.
A place where I feel at home, and my kids do too.
Full of laughter, love, and new experiences.
Full of GRANDMA, for all of us.
and I just love


Melanie said...

Bay Beach!!! So super fun. And the weather has been amazing. Hope you had a great trip.

Lucas'Mommy said...

Sounds like it was a great trip! Lucas says "thank you" "tan tu" too! So funny!! Let's get those boys together next summer. :)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh that all sounds wonderful! Good for you for making it happen!

and I LOVE the shot of the littles with the M&M's!

(Enough exclamations?)