Monday, August 16, 2010

A Dance With Mom

Many years ago, one of my sister-in-laws gave me a beautiful music box for Christmas.
Not just your ordinary music box, but one that brings you back in time.
It plays flimsy like records, each with their own song, that have all these
grooves and slits that are used to produce the music with the help of
a very delicate record needle. Very early 1900ish.
The records that came with it are songs like "Edelweiss" from one of my
favorite old time movies, The Sound of Music,
and many Christmas songs sung from different eras.

In our family, we love to share our belongings, especially if we know someone
else will enjoy it just as much. My grandma loves listening to music and
even more so, loves things that are different. I knew she would absolutely love
this music box and all the songs that came with it, so I gave it to her a
couple years back to enjoy and hum along to. On my last trip home to Wisconsin,
she had it nicely boxed up to hand back to me. As it sat in my living room,
still boxed up waiting to find a place, Aiden pulled me over to it, wanting to check it all out.

and he loved it.
he loved getting the records lined up correctly to play and then intently watching
the tiny ballroom dancers dance around in circles as the music played.

I sat and watched, smiling ear to ear, as he swayed back and forth
listening to the music and admiring the dancers.

After two or three songs, he turned to me, took a hold of both my hands, and with
a shy smile on his face, and cheeks a little blushed,
said, "daz" (dance); then proceeded to lead me in a dance,
hand in hand, round and round, in the middle of our kitchen,
just like the ballroom dancers.

Melted my heart.


Amy said...

Oh Tammy what a beautiful story! I was fine until the part about Aiden asking you to dance and then the tears came. Thank you for making my day with yet another beautiful reason why we gave our children cochlear implants.

Lucas'Mommy said...

Love it! It's those moments that really count... :)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh that's so AWESOME!

Love it!


Bill and Shelly said...

That is so great! What precious memories and what a wonderful reminder that all the hard work we put into these kids is really worth it.

Oh and I love the video. He is doing great.

Laurie said...

Tammy! How beautiful! I know you will NEVER forget this moment! Shows how sweet and tender your son is. Made me cry.

Laurie (who is a mother of three sons) :)