Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Note To Aiden

Dear Aiden,
About a month ago we headed to see Dr. Michael for a mapping appointment. You decided you weren't going to drop the balls in the bucket when you heard a sound, but instead bounce them all over the room. So we busted out the chips for you to "feed" the pig. You decided you didn't want to feed the pig like we needed you to feed the pig. In essence, you showed us who was in charge and who wasn't going to cooperate no matter what tricks we tried to pull. So we took a break, a little walk, and came back to try again. Nothing. Nada. Nilch. Your mind didn't change. Four hour round trip drive and nothing. As hard it was for mommy to leave with no results, I appreciate your strong willed nature and the huge possibility that you're just SPENT with two years of appointment after appointment.

Today dear son, we are heading to see Dr. Don for AVT. We haven't seen Dr. Don since June and I hope you are very excited to share your newest experience book showing all the fun you've had all summer. Just as important, we are seeing Dr. Don and Dr. Michael's friend to check how your "ears" are hearing. You have not been responding well to lower frequency sounds with your right ear AND we are still trying to get you back on track to hearing at levels better than 30db across all the other frequencies besides the higher ones (which you're rocking at 15 to 20dbs ... yes, you sure do know that /s/ and /sh/ and speak them VERY well in all parts of a word).

So I ask you, my strong minded little wild one, as hard as it is for you to sit still, and as much as we know you are "in charge" of what happens in the sound booth, please, please, please cooperate today. Yes, I'm begging you. and remember, ice cream will be waiting at the end along with a fun filled night with your cousins! All you gotta do is listen and drop. Listen and drop.

Love you!

p.s. how about m&m's? ya, m&m's AND ice cream!


leah said...

Wishing you luck!!! The "two-and-a-halfs" are terrible for cooperation in the booth! I think Nolan actually crawled under the table and chucked toys at the audiologist when he was 2 1/2. Three gets easier for that (but only marginally, lol)!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hope it goes well, Tammy.

Remember, it's not a bribe if you think of it first! ;D


Melanie said...

Hoping he cooperates at least a little bit for you today.

Danielle said...

Good Luck!

Amy said...

Ah Tammy I know what you mean!!! Ava for the last few sessions has pretty much tuned out her AV therapist. In fact she tunes out her therapist so much I have to constantly check her CI's to make sure they are still working during the sessions and even brought it up to the audi that maybe something's wrong? But nope, the little stinker is just being stubborn and continues to oh look out the window,or the shadows on the wall, the boo boos on her knees, all while the therapist is trying so hard to keep Ava focused and on task! Very frustrating!!!